For this 2020 WBC the Long Distance event will be open for a strict maximum of 28 throwers.

Why such limitation ? Just because we want to offer a great competition with two rounds of 8 throws for every competitors, good safety conditions, fair judgement and optimal distance measurements. 

If we have more people interested to compete in this event we will have to select the 24 best LD throwers in the world, including the 3 best women and the 3 best juniors.  We will consider the results of the previous years, which includes the 2018 and 2019 LD season and the early 2020 LD events. 

Up to now, the 2018-2019 best scores have been registred on the famous baggressive website. Here is a screen copy of theses results :

If you have made a 100m+ score the last 2 years that is not registred here please contact us.

4 more places will be offered during a qualification event on friday. These last places are intended for the LD enthusiasts who have no LD competitions in their countriy. The rule will be very simple : a 100m valid flight is required to qualify.

By the way we will offer along distance initiation for the people who want to discover this demanding but thrilling event. We believe that such a fun session is the best way to discover and appreciate this event if you have never tried it before. We will be happy to make you try and learn to throw these very specific and extreme boomerangs and share our passion. If you have already an LD boomerang we will learn you how to throw it and make the basic tunings. If you have no boomerang, it will be possible to build one the same day : we have a big hangar and we will supply some tools and materials to carve an LD boom if needed.