THE FIELDS - Terrains

The WBC 2020 will take place on the same aera we already used for the 2011 EBC : The DOMAINE DE MOULERENS offers both the fields for the main events and convenient accomodation just next to the field. 

There are many possibilities for the different circles :




You can see the whole area at a glance on Google Maps : Satellite view - Domaine de Moulerens


The Long Distance event will be organized on the light airplane field in Cabanac, about 25km from Moulerens. here is the exact location on Google Maps : Aerodrome Cabanac - Villagrains

The same one was used in 2011 too and provides a great flat aera, grass is always tightly cut  and trees are far enough to avoid turbulences. Really a dream for every LD thrower ! We have a LD competition here each year since 2008, sometime twice a year :