Here are some questions we often heard :



- Can I register for the Individuals events if I have no Team ?



- How much beds are available ? 156 places

- Is there a fridge in the rooms ? Probably no, we are currently cheking the info

- Is there any TV or screen in the rooms ? Yes, but a small one

- Is it possible to have specific food request (e.g vegan, meals without allergens etc) : basically yes but we currently are checking the details



- How far are the fields from the accomodation place ? Well, not more than 100m ;) No vehicle needed.

- Is there any transportation between the main place and the LD field planned ?  Yes, of course. The LD field of Cabanac is about 20km from the Domaine de Moulerens and we will have a minibus + local trhower's cars.