AESTHETIC - Artistique


Message from David HIRSCH :


Dear Fellow boomerang artists,

The IFBA has formed an official Aesthetics Committee to promote and sustain boomerang artistry at the WBC and beyond. 

The Committee is comprised of

  • Guenter Moeller,
  • Dara Cuartas,
  • Alejo Palacio
  • David Hirsch,

We write you now to explain some changes to the 2022 Aesthetics competition and solicit your opinions. 

These changes come as a direct result of our listening to our fellow artists. 

For the 2022 Aesthetics Competition at the WBC, instead of appointing judges, we will select them from a group of candidates that are nominated by our members. 

The nominee must be a member in good standing with any of the IFBA member bodies, must not be entering any object into this year’s competition and must be in attendance at the 2022 WBC. 

Ideally they are a crafter and thrower with years of boomerang experience. 

You have between now and May 1st, 2022 to make a nomination. 

Please EMAIL (do not nominate through social media) Eckhard, Alejo or David at the following addresses:

  • David Hirsch at duckhead(@)  or
  • Alejo Palacio at  alejoboom(@)  

If you nominate someone, please be sure that you have their permission. 

The Committee will select the three judges from the field of nominees and publish the names before the WBC.